The ties between both companies were already very strong, with a strategic partnership in place, and a shared vision and work ethos of delivering a world class service to yachts. After an extensive period of sharing expertise, experience and best practices it became clear that Evolution Yacht Agents were the right fit.

The journey in finding the right company and team was no easy task, as it was key to find the right partner who have the same drive, ambition and enthusiasm to expand the Acquera Yachting values and footprint across the globe. Transparency, ethics, values and integrity lie at the heart of Acquera Yachting and there is no company better than Evolution Yacht Agents to represent the best interests of Acquera Yachting worldwide.

Evolution Yacht Agents founders Beatriz Alonso and Belen Martin will both become shareholders of the Group. Beatriz Alonso will continue to be Managing Director of Spain and will take on the role of COO of the Group. Belen Martin will continue to run the day to day operations in Spain and will form part of the Corporate Management team of the Group. The local Spanish team has developed a strong reputation and name for itself within the industry and are looking forward to expanding their footprint and driving the business. They will continue to provide the same level of local passion, expertise and commitment in Spanish waters, but as part of an international group.

 “The new acquisition will dramatically allow us to increase our presence and strength across the Med and overseas. It is part of Acquera Yachting's ongoing commitment to develop and expand the company. One of the driving forces behind the acquisition was the incredibly high level of management team and staff in Spain, their years of experience in the industry are invaluable. They will be an excellent addition to the already existing network of offices in Italy, France, Monaco and Montenegro” stated Tositti.

Alonso added “Through our strategic partnership, we discovered that each of us has many strengths and all our efforts will now be focused on combining them. We are hundred percent confident that all of our clients will immediately feel the positive effects of our new group status. Our mission is quite simply seamless excellence and provide the highest client satisfaction.”

“This acquisition is a win win for both companies and ultimately for our clients, who for many years have asked if we could expand the business beyond Spain and the Balearic Islands. This is a new era for us that will allow us to take the business to a whole new level” commented Martin, Evolution Yacht Agents Manager Barcelona.

Since the Acquera Yachting launch in February 2018, offices have been opened in Monaco, the South of France and Montenegro. Constantly striving to innovate and deliver a first-class service and experience to the yachts, Acquera Yachting have an exclusive agreement to manage the superyacht berths at Casamicciola Marina as well as the sole helipad on Ischia Island. Nicola Parolin, who has advised the Group and Tositti from the outset, played a key role in the executing the agreement.