March 6, 2024
The Strategy of Luxury Service at Acquera

Acquera is born as a B2B company with the concept of luxury service. Might seem not necessary, but in Acquera we believe it is a fundamental posture and ultimately a strategic asset.

Luxury service isn’t just about lavish gestures. It transcends mere luxury products, places and even experiences; it is an orchestration of tailored attentive attitudes towards all the parts involved. We at Acquera are part of a “virtuous luxury loop”: owner and guests of the yacht, Captain and its crew, unique carefully picked suppliers…and us! As at the end of the day, we do operate in the luxury world of yachts where only the best of you can offer will do.

And at Acquera, this translates into going the extra mile, stretching our capabilities and the service we offer. We cultivate listening carefully, anticipating needs, understanding nuances, and delivering solutions with finesse and professionalism to all stakeholder to maintain this “virtuous loop” of luxury we are in.

Education as pillar of Acquera 

Whatever we assist a Captain or a crew member, or whatever we interact with a supplier we are aware of this “virtuous loop” of exclusive, attentive and high-end attitude and service we are part of.This is why Education is one of the pillars of Acquera.  It is about technical knowledge and impeccable luxury service grow hand in hand. To be clear, mastering the technicalities of a Yachting Agent daily work, being at the cutting edge of technology, be an engaged sustainable company is important, but it is also the luxury service and attitude our people cultivate and provide that makes the difference and allows us to go the extra mile and distinguish ourselves in the market.

The Academy’s Approach to Excellence

As Captain Pietro Borgo, one of our tutor at the Academy, recently said “I expect from my agent availability, competence and knowing their job, but also a presence, listening to my requirements, anticipate…be part of the whole yachting world”.  We prioritize meticulous business interactions to foster a strong team spirit, pride, and exclusive client relationships. The blend of hard and soft skills taught, ensures personalized attention, effective communication, and a commitment to excellence. Yachting Agent is more than a job. We deliver value and cutting edge solutions. We prioritize people skills, knowledge of stakeholders, and a culture of innovation, passion, and dedication, recognizing luxury service as a strategic necessity in our industry.



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