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June 26, 2024
Why and where business specialized internal Educations make a difference


The landscape of Education is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Traditional educational paradigms, while foundational, are often supplemented or even surpassed by « specialized in-house/internal education”. As industries become more complex, more specialized, more niche and /or technology-driven, the need for hands-on, focused, specialized knowledge has never been more critical.

This shift not only adresses individual career growth but also addresses the broader needs of today’s economy. At Acquera Education, we have explored, identified and focused on the advantages that specialized education has brought to many leading companies worldwide that have innovated and invested in Education internally to understand how and what we can learn and apply from it.

Our ambition is to conceive education programs that are designed to equip talents with specific skills tailored to our particular industry professions. Before we stated, almost 3 years ago now, we noticed that this targeted approach is well known among leading companies in their own industry and field as this ensures that learners are not just acquiring general knowledge but are also developing the exact competencies needed in their chosen fields. Some notable examples, are specialized courses done in pretty much any ad-hoc field, from cybersecurity, digital marketing, or biotechnology, etc all done by companies such as Google, Schneider Electrics, Seattle Genetics, AT&T, Marriott International…etc.

They all provide in-depth training that general degrees do not cover comprehensively.

And this is visionary and a true societal mission, as in a competitive work environment, having specialized skills can set candidates apart from their peers. Talents of specialized in-house programs develop a true competitive edge, as their education is directly aligned with the demands of their company and of the industry as a whole. This alignment can lead to better job prospects, higher starting salaries, and most certainly accelerate career advancement.

But how to do it? Just as an example, all the best internal specialized education programs we, at Acquera Education, have looked at and analyzed include real-world applications (case studies and direct involvement) to prepare students to seamlessly transition into their professional roles. As one of our talents put it recently « the landing in a demanding real life situation is softer…you come more prepared ». We analyzed all sorts of internal specialized education programs, from luxury master schools, to engineering programs, and culinary & F&B institutes, and they all emphasize experiential learning and soft skills development, both critical for mastering complex and ad-hoc skills and techniques.

From the LVMH, Meta and other large organisations examples, we have understood that in an era where continuous learning is essential, specialized internal education programs foster the culture of lifelong learning. And this is also what Acquera prones. We believe in training professionals who want to stay abreast of their industry trends and innovations. And our commitment to ongoing education ensures that they do remain adaptable and relevant in their fields.

We have also observed that specialized internal education programs often features as a complement to classes, a more personalized instruction compared to traditional education models. This environment allows for tailored feedback, mentorship, and support, enhancing the overall learning experience. Students benefit from closer interactions with tutors, professionals and peers, fostering a collaborative and engaging educational atmosphere.

Last but not least, all the industry leaders we have mentioned before are pioneers driving innovation and growth in their own markets. Acquera ambition is to grow the yachting market and this implies finding a workforce with up-to-date, specialized top notch knowledge. Our talents are ready for this growth as they are often pushed to explore advanced concepts, engage in research, and develop new solutions to complex multi-facettes problems. 

As the global economy continues to evolve, the demand for specialized knowledge grows. Many world leading companies have proved that this allows at the same time internal growth, industry growth and personal growth.

At Acquera Education, as many prestigious companies have experimented before us, we believe that specialized internal education programs are not just an option, they are a strategic imperative for future success.

“Diana Guidi experience covers all major HR processes. Qualified in Tourism with an enthusiasm for psychology, extends her experience in industrial and service companies with international and multicultural workforces”

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