Acquera Unveils AcqueraPro: Transforming Yacht Operation and Itinerary Planning for Captains and Charter Brokers

May 15, 2024

The yachting industry, synonymous with luxury and exploration, demands a new era of innovation. Captains and charter brokers face daily big challenges when it comes to cruise operations, managing itineraries, formalities, and guest experiences. Recognizing this need, Acquera introduces AcqueraPro, a groundbreaking platform tailored to support them on a daily basis.
In a landscape where efficiency and reactivity are paramount, AcqueraPro emerges as the industry’s beacon of change. Tested rigorously and refined through collaboration with seasoned captains and brokers,

AcqueraPro is set to redefine the standards of yacht services

Designed with user experience at its core, AcqueraPro empowers captains to navigate port formalities effortlessly, create and budget itineraries with ease, and explore an extensive
range of leisure activities across the Mediterranean’s top hotspots. For charter brokers, the platform simplifies fleet management, streamlines itinerary proposals, and enhances communication with owners and guests.

“In a market where demand is in constant progression, AcqueraPro stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency. Our platform is a game-changer, enabling captains and charter brokers to excel in their roles with unparalleled ease,” said Alvise Tositti, Chief Strategy Officer at Acquera.

Experience the future of the yacht industry with AcqueraPro, setting new standards of excellence (

For media inquiries and further information, please contact :

Veronica Grandi
Chief Marketing & Communication Officer
+39 041 2712 551

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