Acquera will join the Gulf Superyacht Summit as Gold Sponsor

November 3, 2023


The Gulf Superyacht Summit, set for November 22nd and 23rd in Abu Dhabi, is a key event. Acquera will join as Gold Sponsor, with CEO Stefano Tositti sharing insights on enhancing the Gulf region’s allure as a yachting destination on a dedicated Panel. Discussions encompass infrastructure development, regulations, and initiatives to attract owners and charterers.


With a strong foothold in the Mediterranean, Acquera is prepared to aid the Middle East’s yacht industry growth. Our dedication to luxury quality, transparency, and reliability, along with in-depth market knowledge, positions us as a unique player in this industry.

Anticipating substantial growth in the Middle East, Acquera leverages its extensive insights, notably in the Mediterranean, where we can observe a very significant evolution. Yachts in the Western Mediterranean average around 10 ports of call, compared to 5 in the Eastern part with and average stay of 5 days. This difference is due mainly to the marinas’ location and tourism maturity.

Middle East presents now a smaller number of marinas compared to the Med, yachts will tend to opt for longer stays with fewer port stops. Acquera envisions that the swift development of new marinas boasting excellent infrastructure will reshape this pattern. In the near future, shorter stays and more ports visited are expected as the number of marinas and demand increases.



This expansion of the superyacht market in the Middle East is fueled by a convergence of factors. The region’s inherent wealth and affinity for luxury, the allure of its warm coastal climates, substantial investments in yacht-friendly infrastructure, dynamic international boat shows and exhibitions, the rise of local shipyards and very active tourism promotion efforts collectively contribute to the region’s growing prominence in the global yachting industry.


With yachts now poised to extend their voyages, embrace more ports in the Middle East, and explore the burgeoning marinas, the future of luxury and exploration in the yachting world seems brighter than ever.

The unfolding geopolitical situation necessitates patience to determine its impact on the upcoming winter season for the superyacht market in the Middle East.


In the words of Acquera’s CEO Stefano Tositti:

“As we witness the rapid development of the market and the growing interest in superyachts, Acquera is ready to play a pivotal role. We are committed to collaborating with marinas and institutions in this growth, leveraging our extensive industry experience and data-driven knowledge. This will not only serve local institutions and the economy but also provide invaluable insights for informed investment in this thriving industry.”

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