September 22, 2023

New office opening in the Middle East

Acquera Yatching, a leading yachting agency renowned for its exceptional digital and human services, is thrilled to announce the establishment of Acquera Yachting Middle East, a newco dedicated to elevating the yachting experience in the Middle East region.  

This strategic move comes after Acquera Yachting forged an exclusive partnership with Inchcape Shipping Services, its trusted partner in commercial shipping since 2005, to oversee yacht operations across the Middle East. In a significant development, Inchcape Shipping Services will transition to the yachting sector and exclusively operate under the Acquera Yachting brand, marking a  momentous chapter in the company’s development. 

Key Highlights of Acquera Yaching Middle East

1. Cutting-Edge Technology Integration: Acquera Yachting Middle East will leverage AYPRO, the company’s innovative ERP operational platform, to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. This platform will serve as a one-point remittance center, making it easier for clients to manage their yacht-related affairs. 

2. Digital Advancements with AcqueraPro: AcqueraPro, our cutting-edge application, will now extend its services to the Middle East region. This App will not only facilitate seamless paperless operations but also promote the unique charms and attractions of the various territories with automatic yachting itineraries enriching the overall yachting experience. 

3. Headquarters in Dubai: The epicenter of Acquera Middle East operations will be in the bustling metropolis of Dubai, strategically located to cater to the burgeoning demand for yacht services in the region. 

4. Welcoming a New Operations Manager: To spearhead its operations in the Middle East, Acquera Yachting Middle East is proud to introduce Mr. Thanura Dissanayake as the Operations Manager. His wealth of experience and industry knowledge makes him the ideal choice to lead the team and uphold its commitment to excellence. 

5. Comprehensive Regional Coverage: Acquera Yachting Middle East will function as the central hub, overseeing local operations in multiple key territories including Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. This widespread presence ensures a seamless and efficient service network for yacht owners and operators. 

“The establishment of Acquera Middle East and our exclusive partnership with Inchape Shipping Services represents a significant milestone in our mission to redefine the yacht agency industry” – Stefano Tositti, CEO Acquera Group. 

“Inchcape is excited about the prospect of expanding into the Superyacht arena, by partnering with Acquera Yachting to develop a best-in-class Agency to serve Superyacht owners and operators across the Middle East region.” – Grant Holmes, Global VP Cruise and Superyacht Sector, ISS. 

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