May 18, 2023
Say hello to AcqueraPro: the ultimate digital platform for yacht Captains, their crew and Management companies. 


What is AcqueraPro for?

It allows captains and their crew members to fill out forms online, upload official documents, budget their cruise expenses, create itineraries and much more. The platform generates all necessary documents in a digital format even before you arrive at a port.

In addition to that, AcqueraPro provides an extensive range of leisure activities such as sport activities, events, restaurants and local attractions for each location. The users will be able to easily search and filter activities by location, category and interest.

In other words, AcqueraPro allows the yachts to navigate the Med eliminating the time-consuming bureaucratic procedures and enabling their owners and guests to know in real time what they can do, see, taste and experience.

How Itinerary Planning works?

With a coverage of over 140 ports throughout the Mediterranean, we offer a wide range of options to our users. They can effortlessly select their favorite yachting hotspots and generate personalized itineraries to share with their team. These itineraries, created with ease and speed, are based on our extensive leisure database, which provides recommendations for each area.

Is it difficult to use?

At the core of AcqueraPro lies its commitment to simplicity, clarity, and ease of use. Recognizing the demanding nature of the industry, the platform aims to streamline operations and enhance productivity without any complications.

A Platform tailored to your needs

Personalization plays a crucial role in adapting the AcqueraPro platform to meet the unique needs and preferences of each user. The platform provides tailored information based on the individual specifications of each yacht. Additionally, the app features a convenient direct-in-app chat function with local agents, allowing the user to contact and chat with a dedicated Acquera agent no matter where you are in the Med.

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