AcqueraPro: Transforming yachting operations in 2024

January 10, 2024

The AcqueraPro platform is set to transform the yachting industry!

Providing crystal clear and instant assistance, we’re taking on-board operations to new heights for Captains, Crew, Management Companies and Charter Brokers. AcqueraPro is a game changer not only for our clients but for any vessel looking to improve their yachting experience. Owners and guests will also experience a fresh and dynamic interface. AcqueraPro stands out as the only platform on the market that guarantees the highest levels of SECURITY AND TRANSPARENCY in every transaction and booking.

Captains, are you tired of paperwork headaches?
Is 2024 the year you’re ready to embrace zero security risks for your data and your clients?

Hear more directly from our Chief Strategy Officer, Alvise Tositti, as he shares insights on how he ideated AcqueraPro! 

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