Innovating Luxury: Crafting Unforgettable Experiences with Acquera

July 9, 2024

Dear Captains and Chief Officers, Dear Community,

At Acquera, our mission is to continuously innovate and anticipate your unique desires through a client-centric approach. Our specialty lies in the entertainment industry, where we go beyond traditional logistics and agency services to ensure that you can focus on what matters most – enjoying a seamless and extraordinary experience.

Excellence in Entertainment

We pride ourselves on our ability to create unforgettable vacations for you and your guests. By continually seeking innovation and forging partnerships with top-tier performers, we listen to your needs and analyse past consumption data to craft the most suitable experiences.

This year, we are thrilled to collaborate with GoldSingers, bringing up to 25 talented artists, complete with elaborate costumes and choreographed & Interactive Music Shows, exclusively to your yachts. These spectacular performances promise to be the highlight of the season.

In addition, our collaboration with Blue International offers you direct access to A-list artists. Whether you dream of having your favourite singer onboard for an intimate concert or a special evening streamed live on your yacht’s giant screen, Acquera makes it possible. This season, your entertainment possibilities are limitless.


VIP Experiences & Local Adventures

Our offerings extend beyond onboard entertainment. We provide access to renowned magicians, ballet dancers, and extravagant artists, along with breathtaking experiences such as fireworks, drone shows, and LED light performances. Our VIP services also include exclusive off-board adventures, from concerts and sports backstage access to any unique experience you can imagine.

Our dedicated local agents have spent the off-season curating the most authentic local experiences for families and yacht owners. They serve as not only your reliable agents but also miracle makers, bridging the gap between you and the best the territory has to offer.
Ask now for a complete destination guide or check all our offered experiences on AcqueraPro!

“Veronica Grandi. Chief Marketing & Communication Officer”

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