November 17, 2023

There is no doubt that the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Italian Riviera is “la dolce vita“. But we are going to give you plenty of reasons to reconsider it as a top winter destination! Take a look at this list of activities the crew will love while wintering here. You won’t be able to resist the charm of the small villages in the hinterland or the scenery of the nearby Alps during your winter holiday! Read on to discover what we have in store for you!


Good things comes in small packages! 


Among olive trees and rocky promontories you will discover the hearth of the italian riviera and its small towns! What you will love? All the nuances of this territory, its history, the aroma of the local products and its people. Not sure which one to visit? Let us guide you!  

Dolceacqua – the place that enchanted Monet. Dolceaqua is a charming village nestled among the hills of Val Nervia. Claude Monet, who stayed in the nearby town of Bordighera in 1884, ventured into the hinterland and adored the village. He wrote with fascination: “… the place is magnificent, there is a bridge that is a jewel of lightness”. 

Seborga – Mountain air from the Maritime Alps, ensure the mild climate of the western Ligurian hinterland. This small village, surrounded by uncontaminated woods, crowns the top of a promontory with its characteristic stone buildings. An arch underneath a massive tower marks the entrance to the city. 

Triora – Triora is a fascinating village. Strolling through its streets, admire the arches carved out of the rock, the beautiful slate portals and the old ruined houses. Everything seems to want to recreate a mysterious atmosphere, and indeed Triora is the village of witches. All you have to do is stop and wait, and the stories will catch up with you. 

 Italian Riviera is not only beaches but historical cities too


The Toirano Caves: between Ancient History and Stalactites 


Let us take you in one of the main tourist attractions in the riviera: The Toirano Caves, a karst cave system in the Liguria region not far from Savona. This unusual site is the perfect adventure for all ages! If you are into archaeology, this tour will completely amaze you. You will come across human footprints, handprints, and even elbow indentations that were left here 12,000 years ago. These homo sapiens explored the cave on all fours along the shore of an underground river. Aside from humans, the cave was also a shelter for animals. In the Bear’s Graveyard (cimitero degli orsi) you will see the 25,000-year old bones of huge cave bears who spent the winter here. Ready for this underground adventure?  

The Toirano Caves in the italian riviera


Skiing in Piedmont Region


Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, tobogganing, extreme routes for freestylers, snow parks and the evocative landscapes of the Alps. You can experience all this, thanks to the proximity of the Italian Riviera to the region of Piedmont, an unmissable destination for people who prefer sporting holidays on the snow with friends.

Turin Alps – there are countless winter sports you can enjoy here. Skiing, bobsleighing, snowboarding, sledding and freestyle. For an unforgettable experience, we recommend you two of the most renowned ski areas: Vialattea and Bardonecchia. Alternatively, enjoy a horseback riding in the through the snow-covered trails of the famous Gran Paradiso National Park!  

Monte Rosa – Enjoy an exciting skiing holiday full of natural beauty and fun. The Neveazzurra ski area includes the Verbano, Cusio and Ossola areas. Practise all kinds of winter sports, from cross-country skiing to Nordic skiing, from snowshoe trekking to exciting snowmobile rides. Discover two places far from the chaos of city life, immersed in the magic of the breathtaking views of Formazza and Alpe Devero, where hospitality, relaxation and a warm welcome are truly at home. 

The Alps around Cuneo– Pack your bags, get into a good mood and pump yourself up with great expectations – because the Cuneo Alps will be a marvellous discovery. Limone Piemonte in the Riserva Bianca on the border with France is home to 80 km of slopes and itineraries for people who love hiking in contact with nature, treks in mountain woods, off-piste and downhill slopes. 


A day of shopping and Casinò fun  


Live the best luxury shopping experience at The Mall Luxury Outlets! The Mall Sanremo offers the discerning shopper a new luxury shopping experience, just a few miles from the French Riviera. And after your shopping, end your day to the Casinò of Sanremo! With more than 470 slot machines, rooms for tabletop skill games and Privè rooms, the Casino maintains the fascination and splendour of its 110 year history. Among the venues offered to its clientele, the Casino’s Roof Garden is undoubtedly the most enchanting. The terrace, overlooking the city’s rooftops, treats guests to performances and musical evenings featuring both national and international artists. The venue accommodates up to 233 people and can be utilized for various types of events.

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