New anchorages in Montenegro: Budva and Tivat

May 19, 2023

Breaking News from Montenegro! We’ve got new anchorages in Budva and Tivat positions. Now you can drop anchor near Budva and soak in breathtaking views of Sveti Stefan island while experiencing the buzz and nightlife of the Old Town.



Just across Becici Beach, nestled southeast of St. Nikola Island and west of St. Stefan, lies the captivating Budva Anchorage. This charming location has recently been designated as an official anchorage, offering convenient access and a picturesque setting.

As you settle on deck, take in the breathtaking views that surround you. Feast your eyes on the charming island of Sv. Stefan, adorned with its iconic red rooftops and picturesque landscape.

When you’re ready to venture ashore, Budva awaits with its rich history and vibrant atmosphere. Explore the medieval old town, stroll along narrow streets lined with charming shops, and savor delectable local cuisine at many seaside restaurants.






Discover the tranquility of a newly unveiled retreat located south of Stradioti Island. This serene area, now designated as an anchorage, offers calm waters and stunning scenery for a peaceful escape.

With its calm waters and gentle currents, Tivat Anchorage provides a sense of calm and security. As day turns to dusk, prepare to witness the magic of Tivat’s sunsets.

As you decide to step ashore, Tivat offers a plethora of attractions to explore. Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade, lined with charming cafes and boutiques, visit the renowned Porto Montenegro marina. For a taste of history, discover the fascinating Naval Heritage Collection, showcasing a rich maritime heritage.

Tivat offers calm waters and stunning scenery for a peaceful escape thanks to anchorages in Budva and Tivat.


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