March 14, 2024

Considering the market trends in Sardinia and the increase in clientele in the past and upcoming seasons, Acquera has decided to double its presence on the island by incorporating high-level professional figures. We are therefore delighted to announce that from today, we can count on the assistance of Leila and Barbara from My Sardinia Sea Agency. Joining forces, they will now be part of Acquera‘s team and will lead operations as Sardinia and Corsica yacht agentsOur team of professionals has thus doubled to strengthen the relationship with our partners and the territory, enabling us not only to respond but above all to anticipate the needs of our customers.


Leila Chia is part of the new Sardinia and Corsica yacht agent team

Meet Leila Chia
Leila has lived in Olbia for 18 years, even though she originally comes from Cagliari. She possesses a wealth of knowledge, an intimate understanding of her land, and brings with her a vast experience, positioning her perfectly to cater to the unique needs and preferences of yacht owners in Sardinia. She’s determined, diplomatic, balanced, rational, realistic, and resilient. Leila enjoys setting goals and they’re always a part of her life, whether it’s in her personal, professional, or recreational activities. She loves her job because it lets her connect with people worldwide while enjoying the view of Tavolara.



Barbara Feltovic is part of the new Sardinia and Corsica yacht agent team


Meet Barbara Feltovic

Barbara Anne Feltovic, a proud native of Maine, USA, discovered her love for nature in the rugged landscapes of her home state. Serving as the USNAVY Ombudsman marked the beginning of her global journey, shaping her perspective and instilling discipline. In 2000, naval adventures brought her to Sardinia, sparking a profound love for the island. With over 15 years in yacht services, Barbara ensures seamless experiences for those exploring Sardinia’s waters. Committed to environmental conservation, she promotes responsible tourism, preserving Sardinia’s coastlines. Known for her client-centric approach, Barbara has established a reputation for delivering personalised and excellent experiences in the yacht industry. Beyond her professional commitments, she enjoys traveling and trekking with her family in national parks worldwide.


An overview of trends in Sardinia
Sardinia’s exclusive, exotic jewel, the Emerald Coast, continues to be one of the most sought after holiday escape destinations. Among the its destinations, the top ones that have seen an increase in arrivals are Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Portisco, Golfo degli Aranci, and La Maddalena.
Porto Cervo of course reaffirms itself as the absolute first choice in the Island. As hub of Sardinia and luxury thrives, experiencing a 17% increase in arrivals, with 455 mega yachts compared to 2022.
In general, the yachting world is embracing the simplicity of values and traditions, increasingly drawn to nature. Rural and unspoiled areas like La Maddalena are experiencing a surge in demand for leisure and cultural activities. The Golfo OroseiCosta Smeralda, and Cala Garone regions offer a plethora of coastal and wilderness activities.

Rural and unspoiled areas like La Maddalena are experiencing a surge in demand for leisure and cultural activities.



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