March 7, 2024

The World Superyacht Awards returns to Venice this May and we are gearing up for the event like never before. If you’re considering joining us and you need more information for your berth reservation, check out the article below. Here are the top locations to Venice yacht marinas to berth your yacht during the festival. Additionally, we provide a taste of what makes each position unique, along with suggestions on how to fully experience the lagoon during these days.


Riva San Biagio

Alongside berths near St. Mark’s Square, the heart of the city. You just need to walk few minutes in order to reach the centre.


Riva San Biagio Venice yacht marinas info


What’s around?

What makes this marina special? This marina is near to the main entrance of the Biennale and the famous Via Garibaldi, a lively and characteristic street, a meeting points for aperitifs still populated by Venetians. Just nearby Via Garibaldi, you’ll discover a hidden natural paradise known as the Serra dei Giardini, one of the most renowned greenhouses in Venice. It’s a place to unwind and enjoy a spritz in good company.


The Serra bar at Giardini near one of the Venice yacht marinas



La Salute

Location wise, this is one of the nicest berths in Venice, because it is just opposite to St. Mark’s Square, guarantees utmost privacy and a stunning view. You will not have passers-by taking closer looks. You are going to be tied up on both bow and stern, so it is safe and protected from wash and tide variations do not affect you as much as if you were alongside. The downside of this location is obviously that you need water taxis transfers to go back and forth, but it only takes a couple of minutes to go from the yacht to St. Mark’s Square.


La Salute Venice yacht marinas info


What’s around?

If you choose this berth for your yachts, there are some things you should enjoy in this area before leaving Venice. We recommend a unique cultural itinerary covering eight centuries of art. Dorsoduro Museum Mile. Launched in 2015, the Dorsoduro Museum Mile connects eight museums along a mile-long trail in the neighborhood of Dorsoduro, between the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal. Visitors can admire masterpieces of Venetian painting from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the Gallerie dell’Accademia, as well as the most recent contemporary artistic production on display at the Punta della Dogana. Along the way, visitors can also explore the former homes of Vittorio Cini and Peggy Guggenheim and explore their outstanding collections.



If you happen to be in this area and seek a truly immersive experience in Venetian culture, we will take you on a journey to discover the history of Murano glass with designer Marina Convento and the secrets of the Venitian ‘forcola,‘ the wooden rowlock of the gondolas, accompanied by Maestro Saverio Pastor.



Located at the Zattere in the southern part of Venice’s historic centre. Life here is quintessentially tranquil! Zattere boasts an almost “holiday at the seaside” type atmosphere with a wonderful sense of open space and calm.


Adriatica Venice yacht marinas info


What’s around?

Well, you are in Italy, and maybe you want to taste the best ice cream at ‘Gelateria Nico.’ For more than 80 years, this artisan laboratory has been creating unparalleled flavour combinations. We suggest you try the epitome of timelessness: the ever-reliable ‘Gianduiotto‘! This classic Italian chocolate from Turin, Piedmont, is made with hazelnuts and has a smooth, creamy texture and a delicate flavour. The perfect experience for your palate is the ice cream made with it for a perfect balance of sweetness with a big scoop of whipped cream on top. It is a very popular ice cream in Italy, especially in Venice!


Treat yourself to the quintessential Venetian dessert, known as ‘focaccia‘ at ‘Dal Nonno Colussi.’ Made with fresh ingredients and love, this pastry shop has been a beacon of quality for over 60 years, offering the finest biscuits, cakes, and much more. Every day, the Colussi family preserves the Italian food culture with ancient recipes passed down through generations to create refined Venetian sweets such as Baicoli, Zaetti del Doge and Amaretti.


But if you prefer salty and savoury flavours, we recommend trying the best sandwiches in Venice at the ‘Bar alla Toletta.’ Renowned for their delicate yet satisfying taste, ‘tramezzini‘ are made with soft, crustless white bread and carefully layered with various fillings. From classic combinations like prosciutto and mozzarella to more refined ones like tuna and capers, they are the perfect idea for a light lunch or an afternoon snack for your aperitivo.


For an unforgettable experience in Venice, contact us at for more suggestions and tips!

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